by The Title Sequence

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Presenting "LOVERS EP"

LOVERS - The tale of a hopeless romantic, who sees a girl carrying the same record he bought that day, walk into a cafe. So he precedes to invent a fantasy relationship in his head, even falling out and making up with each other. When an actual meeting occurs of course. It's the same old familiar outcome.

EVENINGS SPENT WITH YOU - Companion to 'Lovers' a sonic lullaby that speaks for itself

LOVERS (Snap Ant's Dream Girl Redux) - Unique remix of Lovers from our friend Snap Ant



released November 24, 2012

Written and Produced by The Title Sequence



all rights reserved


The Title Sequence London, UK

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Track Name: Lovers

So comfortably comfortably comfortably stuck in my own world
You can call it a dream world, the day that you came in.
I was watching you, watching me, watching you sit at the table
In your hand is a copy of the record laying in my bag.


Oh we better stop before the story begins cause you know how it ends
We'll be lovers and then we'll fight each other and fall in love all over again

Spending all our time together indoors playing records of yours and mine together Making all our memories on polaroids that live in the drawer

I keep thinking of ways i can get your a, get your attention
Is there some way to mention how beautiful you look to me?
An attempt to be cool just results in me under the table, leaning back can be fatal But it's worth it if it makes you smile


No it wasn't the smoothest of moves but you still got up to help me
I blushed so much you could see me glowing faintly from the other room.
Then you picked up my record and mentioned that it's one of your favorites
Your such a big fan of “pavement” in came your boyfriend and he also agreed.

last chorus

So we better stop before the story begins cause you know it ends
We won't be lovers and never fight each other or fall in love all over again
We won't be spending time together in doors
Playing records of yours or mine together
Or making any memories on polariods that live in the drawer.
Track Name: Evenings Spent With You

In these evenings that i spend with you
Got to hide my feelings stop them showing through
But you can see it clearly in everything i do
I wish i wasn’t in love
I wish i wasn’t in love with you